Steph & Viet: NH Backyard Wedding

Are you ready for the sweetest, most low-key, NH backyard wedding? Steph is the niece of my most excellent hairdresser Dori at Sapphire Salon.  When Steph & Viet announced their engagement, they were just going to do something small down in their hometown a few states away.  After the initial excitement of the news, the idea of a backyard family wedding in NH became a reality.

And a family wedding it was! The details that this crew pulled together were perfectly understated but fun – the exact vision that Steph had going into it!  Wildflowers from the property adorned the tables. Backyard Wedding Derry NH 00 A simple arbor at the base of some incredible trees in a little nook in the yard was the ideal spot for the ceremony – even the sun lined up with their plans!

I’m a fan of these cute signs – “Come as you are. Stay as long as you can. We’re all Family here, so no seating plan” NH Backyard Wedding One of the most important things to remember at your late summer wedding – bug spray! Backyard Wedding Derry NH 02Steph was pretty excited for her dress with the great leather top!
Backyard Wedding Derry NH 04 Backyard Wedding Derry NH 05 Special buckets for the kids!Backyard Wedding Derry NH 06 There was no formal procession, we just announced it was time, and all headed to the seats. Backyard Wedding Derry NH 07Their officiant Chris has been a friend of mine for over 15 years.  He met Dori and about ten years ago, and they’re living their happily ever after, ever since.  I’ve always been grateful for his friendship, but I’m super grateful he found an amazing woman that makes him happy, and can handle my hair 😉
Backyard Wedding Derry NH 08 Backyard Wedding Derry NH 09I love the perfect little magical cove they set up for the wedding!
Backyard Wedding Derry NH 10 Backyard Wedding Derry NH 11 Backyard Wedding Derry NH 12 After the ceremony in accordance with Veit’s family’s traditions, gifts were bestowed upon the newlyweds. Backyard Wedding Derry NH 13 Backyard Wedding Derry NH 14 The whole gang!Backyard Wedding Derry NH 15 And the newly official family!Backyard Wedding Derry NH 16 Backyard Wedding Derry NH 17 And then I said “anyone can stand UNDER the arbor, how about you guys lean against it and make it look reeeeeaaaaall good” Mission accomplished! This one is my favorite. Backyard Wedding Derry NH 18With the formalities over it was time to simply relax and enjoy the wonderful feast that was prepared, run around the lawn and play hide and seek, cut the BMW cupcakes (Steph & Viet are both HUGE car people), and live happily every after!
Backyard Wedding Derry NH 19 Backyard Wedding Derry NH 20 Backyard Wedding Derry NH 21 Backyard Wedding Derry NH 22 Backyard Wedding Derry NH 23

Steph & Viet – I’m SO thrilled I was able to be a part of the beginning of your happily ever after!

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NH Backyard Wedding


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