NH Exeter Inn Winter Wedding

Jillian & Andrew: My top 10 favorite moments!

I can certainly name more than 10 things I love about this NH Exeter Inn Winter Wedding, but everyone loves a good list, so here we go! (Spoiler alert: Kids at weddings can be a hoot)

10: The kids running up and down the hall keeping themselves entertained.  At one point while trying to get them to take it down a notch, I challenged them to a slow-motion run.   Which lead to me doing lunge squats intermittently through the rest of the night because one of the kids was SO into ‘racing’ me.  While wearing my cameras.  In heels. 

9: That cute kiddo – and his decision that he was utterly worn out and just going to lay down.  In the middle of the floor. Directly in the path to the bar. 

8: Getting a second wind and dancing full on to Shake it Off.

7: Cake cutting.  Well, more to the point after the cake cutting.  Their kiddo curiously came over and when they asked if he wanted some, he stuck his finger out to help himself to some frosting. HAHA!

6: The first look – Andrew was seriously floored when he saw Jillian, bringing her in close and then stepping back to take her all in. 

5: Getting ready – Jillian emerged in her dress, her mother and maid of honor finished up the final details, and the tiny well-dressed mister walked up to his mama and said “You look so pretty.  You look just like a P …. ony.” We all burst out laughing.  We were so touched by the first part, and SO expecting ‘princess’ .. not pony

4: That Jillian was escorted down the aisle by her father and her son! 

3: Family vows! When they called that cutie up there each held his hands and repeated a promise to be his family.  #cueallthetears

2: Their first kiss. THAT DIP!

1: Heading out into the most perfectly decorated downtown of this wonderful town we live in.  The same day as the town’s Christmas Parade, the mood was sweet and festive, Buddy the Elf would have been proud!  Because they opted for a first look, we had the time to head into town and become one with the scenery! 

Everything about the day was filled to the brim with love, laughter and a celebration of family.  There’s nothing better than that! 

Thank you friends, for the opportunity to witness the greatness of your love!


Row, Row, Row your boat!

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