York Maine Winter Family Photos Session

Baby kisses!

One of my favorite things to photograph is your family in it’s ‘natural state’. I have a whole “More Than A Minute” session option geared toward that! But sometimes, even in a more straightforward York Maine Winter Family Photos Session, I get to catch moments of your day to day, 3 kids 4 and under, crazy, chaotic, happiness! 

It’s the best!

Three years ago when I first met this family, big brother was as old as little brother is now.  And now little brother gets to be a big brother, too!  Did you follow that?! Haha. To say that these two are enamored with their little sister is an understatement! The boys were all about her, and it’s safe to say that she’s daddy’s little girl.  Mom, in the best mom fashion, keeps everyone together, and when she can get a snuggle in edgewise with her sweet peanut, she gets glommed with love! 

I arrived and the oldest immediately started telling me about the plan. First, they were going to finish up their bagels with cream cheese.  And not only is cream cheese delicious, but it’s also full of protein.  Then they were going to get sister dressed and ready.  They purchased a new toy for her to keep her attention and they were all practicing earlier. Did I think now would be a good time to get her toy for her?  If they were really good during their session, they could get a pink candy. Did I want a pink candy, too?  

We stayed inside and played on the couch and hung out in the playroom, which is covered with images from our previous York Maine Winter Family Photos Session! I love seeing how families use their photos, and I love that the kids knew who I was not just from years past, but because they have constant reminders of their growing up! 

I felt a little bad that they remembered my chair, and I didn’t have it with me, but they got over it pretty fast. And they made sure to share their candy with me, too! I guess I did a good job for the session, also. 🙂 

Thanks, Friends! I hope we meet again, soon! 

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