Portsmouth NH Micro-Wedding

Jessa + Jason! Portsmouth NH Micro-wedding

Portsmouth NH Micro-wedding

I love meeting people who love to laugh as much as I do. Jessa and Jason? They might love to laugh even more than I do! While I was only at this Portsmouth NH Micro-wedding for an hour, I spent much of it laughing with them!

I’ve historically done smaller, shorter weddings. But in the past years (even pre-covid), I’m seeing a trend of couples wanting coverage for the important parts – Ceremony, family photos, and couples photos, but not wanting someone with them all day.

And I’m here for it.

I’ve heard from many couples they aren’t able to find a photographer who will come for less than a full day, and while those that stick to their full day policy have their reasons, and I can see them, I personally feel like it’s your day and any way I can be of assistance, I’m game.

Jessa contacted me in early March about her dreams for a tiny wedding. She just wanted an hour to cover the basics. A seacoast local, she knew she wanted some of the iconic Portsmouth type feel to her wedding but she hadn’t decided on the where.

And that’s ok! As long as you know the date you want and the general area you’d like to be – that’s enough to hire me! You DO NOT need to know the specifics of your timeline or anything else when you book. Simply that we’re a good match and you want to be on my calendar!

Well, the where ended up being her childhood home on the Piscataqua River. The view was jaw-dropping and I don’t think it gets more Portsmouth than that.

I arrived just before the ceremony and checked in to find Jessa and their daughter waiting inside for go time. Jessa’s dress was STUNNING – all soft pink and soft glitter *swoon*. Her daughter was keeping her occupied taking turns recording each other talking about how they felt about the day. It was SO sweet. I hope they save those somewhere special! (Professional reminder to back up your phone photos – Dropbox, google photos, any cloud-based system where you’re sure there’s a restore option. It’s invaluable!)

Jason was outside with friends and family and we all headed over to the ceremony area for a sweet ceremony where these to finally said I Do!

After the ceremony, they were greeted with a champagne toast and a plethora of amazing snacks. They mingled with their elite guest list, and Jason gave a toast. He tried to keep it light and silly, but when he looked at Jessa and started to thank her for the life they’d already been building together, he got a little choked up. (Same, Jason, Same 🥺)

We took family photos, and then the three of us went down to the dock. And laughed and laughed some more and took some photos, and had so much fun, and took some more photos. And then, I had to go. It was a little sad since I was having a good time, but it was also the perfect time to leave them to their guests to celebrate the night away!

Thank you, friends, for having me as one of the few people present to witness you make it ‘official’. You’ve got a beautiful family and it was a pleasure to be there!

xoxo – Melissa

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