Baby L! Rye NH Newborn Photos

A BIIIIIG stretch and a little grumble. The cuteness in these Rye NH Newborn Photos is over the top. This chunky baby boy is the love of all. But perhaps especially, big brother.


There’s a bond that starts early with siblings. ⁠

Will they beat the crap out of each other eventually? For sure.⁠

Will they fight over space and toys, and the air they’re breathing? Most likely.⁠

Will they drive you crazy with their bickering one second and then the next second be perfectly content entertaining each other and laughing their butts off? Definitely.⁠

But the magic of someone who knows your whole life with you can be indescribable as well.⁠

Sometimes a newborn session is straightforward, sleepy baby, easy peasy in and out in less than an hour. BUT there’s always a buffer hour built into the schedule for feeding, rocking, shushing, changing, soothing, and anything else a baby might need as well.

With his little grumbly face and cloud blanket, I couldn’t help but think of Grumpy Bear the Care Bear the whole time. (Incidentally, our wedding cake toppers were Care Bears. I was Cheer Bear and my wife was Grumpy Bear, so it’s definitely a term of endearment ❤️)

We definitely used our extra time buffer for a lot of snuggling to get some sleepy photos in there, but his awake faces crack me up so hard! There’s no wrong way to make a newborn session!

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