Reese: 9 months old! 11.28.10| Methuen, MA Family Photos

I know I’ve mentioned before, how much I love this family, but seriously – LOVE.  Reese & her moms warm my heart every single time.  When we last left them she was 6 months old.  3 more months flew by and it was time for the next chapter in their story.

AYKM with that kewpie swoop?

The mama & the baba.. watch out.. baba’s bite!

But they also love, a lot a lot.  And seriously, what’s not to love!

Sitting pretty!

And not amused at the inability to crawl as quickly in a dress.  The perils of being a girl begin so early!


What’s this? two babies? it’s never too early to start the photo parties!

Short sleeves for me in November – I knew I had to layer up – chasing 9 months olds is a workout!

Viv’s up next; you’ll just melt over her dark brown eyes and smile .

Til then!




Sophia Rose 11.27.10 | Hampton, NH Newborn Photography

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