Roberge Family 12.29.2010 | Exeter, NH Family Photography

My final act of photography for 2010 was a quickie, but in no way unimportant.  Jordan, back row right, has been my best friend for nearly 18 years.   I could probably fill an entire blog with stories of him.  One of the most important is that he’s my son’s godfather.  I have nearly as many memories of his parents through high school as I do my own and now, with 2 grandchildren and no current family photo, his mom Sheila asked if I could please stop by and take one while Jordan and his sister Jennie were back in NH for the holiday; I couldn’t (nor did I want to!) refuse!

I can’t think of a better way to cap off my 3rd full year of shooting!

Thank you to everyone who’s been there, who comes back some more, and who I can’t wait to meet!

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