Robyn & Chris 01.23.10 Part II

After frolicking through the formals we headed to the Burke Volunteer Fire & Rescue Firehall for the reception. One of the first things I saw when I got to the reception was this: A keg and goblet of Guinness.  If I hadn’t been madly in love with these two before, that would have firmly placed me in their court.  A goblet of Guinness?  YUM!

Chris & Robyn love each other with every inch of themselves.  It’s inspiring and overwhelming to watch.


It was time for the toasts and they had a special bottle of sparkly just for them.  Until Chris didn’t know how to open it and broke off to top.  What do you see Chris?? 😉 

Some creative uncorking and success!

Once they’d figured out how to get into the booze it was time for the speeches.  Sarah’s sisters & Chris’ brother both did wonderful jobs of toasting.. and roasting.. their siblings.  


Much to their chagrin perhaps… 😉 

Yay parents! 

Taking his wife – and his Guinness for a swing


Thank you. Here’s your knife.



I love this photo.  A lot.

I’m not sure how far she thought she had to throw the bouquet but I love the concentration on the left, and the posing on the right! 

Aw.. how sweet.  

Heh, or not so much 😉 

There’s only one guy even pretending to get it.  The guy in the purple sweater is just dancing. 😀

And then. Well. And then the hilarity ensued.  It was good Robyn didn’t have a veil with all these other headdress options available for her. 

Get it? He’s got top guns?

1million points to whoever can guess this song.

Glasses are overrated! 

One of the last songs of the evening.  This is NOT the YMCA.. I stepped out of the room for a moment and when I came back they were singing about pirates and eyes and booties… and hilarity.  

Party till your shoes fall apart! 

And as a shout out to  my ‘superhumanpowers’ it turns out that the sore throat and run-down-ed-ness I thought was just stress & excitement of an all alone trip turned out to be a hellaciouis case of strep and a fever of 102.   But that wasn’t to worry about and discover until I was home and Robyn & Chris were well on their way to happily ever after!

I’m pretty sure that words will never truly be able to describe the awesomeness that was this adventure.  Thank you Robyn & Chris for such an opportunity!  Let’s hope it’s not another 13 years before we get together again!

Oh my lord, Melissa!!  These are amazing….!!  You caught so many aspects of this day that I thought were unpalpable…  you are wonderful!  I would like to post something on your website, if that’s alright! 🙂
Thank you again, you really made that day so special….  and allowed me to relive it again when I went through those pictures.” ~ Robyn



Robyn & Chris 01.23.10 Part I

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