Short Sands York ME Family Photo

Vacation, time for a holiday!

Short Sands York ME Family Photo Session - Spring in Maine

Do you prefer to vacation or staycation? I’m a fan of both, sometimes it’s nice to take time to be a tourist in your own community. Other times it’s great to head off to somewhere still drivable, but stay a day or two with the rest of your family. Such is the case for this Short Sands York ME Family Photo session.

With so much to celebrate this family decided to take a few days and leave their various homes in Massachusetts to get together and relax on the coast of York, ME.

And it will be their last year to relax as grownups… With the first grand-baby on the way and the last sibling newly engaged, the next time they all get together, there will be a new dynamic! (And one spoiled kid with all those aunts and uncles and of course, grammy!)

I can’t tell you how important it is to get family photos taken ‘even if’ your kids are grown. There’s always a moment in time when life takes over and the thought of making photos doesn’t even enter the picture.

I’m here to remind you, it’s time. Let’s do it.

Much thanks to this family for the fun (if not chilly!) morning on Short Sands Beach and for making their legacy a priority!

Short Sands York ME Family Photo by Melissa Koren Photography. You can see more of my work online at and also on Facebook and Instagram! If you’d rather contact me directly, please email me at!


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