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Your house is a very very very fine house! NH Newborn Photos At Home

NH Newborn Photos At Home

NH Newborn Photos At Home! It’s the way to go.  You’ve just had a baby.  You’re just getting settled into your home and having another human being in your space.  And the last thing you want to do is pack everything you might ever t …

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99% of parents worry their kids are growing too big, too fast! MA Newborn Photographer

Party in my crib! 2am! MA Newborn photographer … It’s the middle of the night, the baby won’t stop screaming, you’ve tried everything and you’re so tired you can’t think straight.  You wonder what you’ve done to yourself.  You wonder if it’ …

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Owen: 10 Days Old! NH At Home Newborn Session

When this little nugget’s mom emailed me to set up their NH at home newborn session, she wasn’t due for nearly a month.  We got everything wrapped up in 24 hours and I was excited for them to be in touch in a few weeks. Fast forward 48 hours …

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Presley! 3 Weeks Old | Dover NH Newborn Photography

Remember Niki & Jamie? Their Lake Opechee Wedding was absolutely amazing.  A good part of that amazing was assisted by Niki’s good friend Pam. One of the first thing Niki said to me that day (on HER wedding day) was I can’t wait for you to take pic …

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Keegan: 2 months 05.24.10

Jenn & Chris are the bi-product of a long line of weddings brought to me by Kate & Marcus – Jenn was a bridesmaid in their wedding and we really hit it off immediately.  When Jenn announced to me after Melissa & Lonnie’s wedding that she ha …

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