The Bachelorette (Party)

As I mentioned a few posts ago – we were lucky enough to be invited to our friend & client Kristan’s bachelorette party in Boston last month. After being taken the very round about way by the GPS we arrived safe and sound at the parking garage. Not knowing where the night would lead us, I felt it was vital to take this photo:
The 1st part of the party was at Finale in Park Plaza. I’d never heard of this place before and the more I looked it up online the more excited I was to go. I am a dessert junkie – and this was HEAVEN. This cake/torte/decadence was one of the most amazing things I’ve eaten.
Kristan’s sister orchestrated this whole affair, the evening started for Kristan by being surprised by a limo at her house and the got to Boston in style!

Check out those shoes – I covet them!

I’ve slowly but most surely become a red wine lover, my newest fascination is port and Finale had the perfect thing for me!

They were all tasty, but the 2nd one from the right was my favorite, it tasted like pure maple syrup with a kick – I wanted to pour it over vanilla ice cream – or better yet, fresh fallen snow!!
Kristan & her sister Katelyn (photo by Nichole)
After drinks & dessert we climbed in the limo and headed on to part two
Jaques Cabaret! We had front row seats and a hilarious time!

Kristan & the 4 other Bachelorettes that were there that night got called out up on stage.

The certainly put their all into their acts!

Ah, the life of a starlet!

I am SO SO excited for Kristan & John’s wedding later this month at the Bedford Village Inn, I can’t wait to share the photos from that!


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