Traci & Scott 08.09.09

I met Traci & Scott at one of our favorite places ‘The Tavern‘ in Exeter, NH.  Great food, great drinks, great bartenders, great locals – it’s like Cheers; only with out Ted Danson’s hair.

They are good friends of the owner, Jeff and when they finally decided to get married – The Tavern was the place!

First I met Traci & her family at the home  she shares with Scott and their 3 teenage daughters.  I found her & her mom and dads getting ready.

Then it was off to Swasey Parkway for a great outdoor ceremony, complete with bagpiper! I’m a sucker for a bagpiper…  it’s so formal and fun at the same time.  Traci beamed as she was escorted down the aisle by her two dads.

I love the rustic garden feel – I think Traci said the flowers were from her garden – either way they were lovely and the ribbon hangers were awesome!

In the middle of the ceremony – Scott broke out in song and serenaded his almost wife.  It was priceless!

The ceremony was officiated by the amazing Rev. Thompson who sang Amazing Grace a accapella at the end of the ceremony.  I’ve seen him before – something that went on when I was in high school but I have no idea what… he’s an captivating speaker and his baritone voice just leaves me speechless.

Finally! They’re married and – – the kiss!!

We carried that kiss over to the Exeter backdrop

And made it even more sassy with a lift from the stylish shoes!

Back at the Tavern there was candy & cupcake buffet and the wildflower theme was continued.

We had to coax them into a first dance, but once they got going – they had a great time!

They were delicious, right Dave?

The entertainment was provided  by Truffle – frequenters of the Tavern and the reason we even went there in the first place.

After their set, Scott got up and said a few, gracious, loving words – then –

He sang again – and it was fabulous – again.

Then Jeff got in on the action… you shake those maracas. Shake’em like a polaroid picture. (ok, clearly it’s time for bed…)

And a final kiss of the night to cap off a fantastic “Very Tavern Wedding”.

Shooting a wedding at my favorite watering hole was somewhat surreal – all the regulars and the warm cozy feeling of familiarity.  It’s not something I come across all that frequently and BOY was it fun!  Thank you Traci & Scott for asking me to be a part of it all!!

Your pictures are beautiful! Thank you so much. I love the last one- it is so cool and exactly what I wanted to see! I also love the one where our hand are clasped and you cropped it to have the Reverends collar be the frame.  I can’t wait to make my wedding album! ~ Traci


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