Urban Forestry Maternity Photos: Portsmouth, NH

Kristin & Matt landed a lovely afternoon to meet up for their Urban Forestry Maternity Photos.  They had seen my pictures (and probably me) at WHYM and followed the wonderful adventure that is baby Lydia. Kristin was so cute and very excited for all the ways she’d already heard of my work and that she had such a special occasion to make images of.
She was on the fence about maternity photos, the ever common “I hate pictures of myself” cropped up in coversation.  I can relate. Man can I relate. But, I can also say, without doubt that I wish I had more pictures of myself when I was pregnant with my son.  The two I have are random candids where the backgrounds are full of clutter I’m both overheated and making the “ugh don’t take my picture right now” face. I would love to have had even just one picture taken with purpose.
Urban Forestry Center Maternity 01 One of my favorite convincing factors is the mini-maternity add on.  This isn’t some schmarmy sales pitch, but – DO IT.  It only takes 20 minutes to great some beautiful images.
Urban Forestry Center Maternity 02 Urban Forestry Center Maternity 03 Urban Forestry Center Maternity 04 Urban Forestry Center Maternity 05

Charlotte Grace arrived just 4 short weeks later (ok, that’s not fair, the last 4 weeks of pregnancy isn’t short if you’re the expectant mother! Especially if it’s August!!!) and she is absolute perfection! Just wait til you see her little knit props 😉

Urban Forestry Maternity Photos


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