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The Notebook: NH Edition

I’m not sure what it is exactly, but the whole time I’m looking at these photos, all I can think about is The Notebook.   There’s no rain, and no ‘achingly tender love story’ to overcome (I mean they’re absolutely tender, but I don’t think it …

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If you’re hoppy and you know it!

NH Brewery Engagement Session

If one of your favorite pass-times is going to breweries, then it only makes sense to go to a brewery for your engagement session!  And since puppies and pints pretty much go hand in hand these days, bringing along your favorite (super adorable) d …

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What does a mini session look like? – Exeter NH Family Photography

NH Mini Sessions – Exeter NH Family Photography. Make time for you!  Next Mini Sessions are November 3 & 4th!  Book Here! A mini-session is fun!  I like to call it “mkp lite” – A quick …

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The very definition of living life to it’s fullest.

Portsmouth Harbor Events Seacoast NH Wedding

Joy, joy and more joy.  Those are the three words I would use to describe Terri & Mike.  Not just their wedding, but their very essence.  We were lucky enough to meet these two at one of our favorite hangs (If you don’t already know, …

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Four steps to being an amazing client.

4 Steps to being an amazing client.  1: Don’t sweat the small stuff 2: Embrace your personality and your family’s personality 3: Let your kids be kids  4: Have fun with it! From the very moment I met these amazing parents at their Exeter NH M …

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We’re all getting older.

I know, I know. Sometimes you just don’t want to talk about it, and, to be honest, sometimes the longer I do this, the older I feel. (And not just because I’m older, duh.)  But the more blessed I feel, too. Time marches on, and I’m lucky enough to …

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It’s time for a babymoon!

Who knew that the phrase babymoon had been around so long!? Not I! I thought it was one of those newfangled hipster/millennial/urban dictionary words.  babymoon  noun   ba·by·moon | \ˈbā-bē-ˌmün  \ plural babymoo …

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A whole new world!

Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm Family Photos

Sorry for the earworm, but HOLY GUACAMOLE.  There are countless times that I’ve discovered new spots within an hour of home thanks to my wonderful clients, but these Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm Family Photos may take the cake. (Also, the t …

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There’s nothing like having someone who truly knows the both of you officiate your wedding.

Brookstone Park NH Fall Wedding

I’ve seen a lot of weddings at this point.  I mean a LOT.  We’re in the neighborhood of 300+ at this point.  That’s dumbfounding and humbling, for sure. That over 600 people have asked me to photograph them saying I DO.  And I’ve se …

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What three words best sum up your wedding day?

York Harbor Inn Hartley Reserve Intimate Wedding York ME

For Patty & Richard, their words were romantic, joyous, intimate.  And was it ever!   I’m also going to add in peaceful. The greatness of the ocean couldn’t compete with the greatness of their connection. The moment when th …

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