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Sneak Peek:: Kimberly & Jeff 02.14.09

Did we ever have an AMAZING time with Kimberly & Jeff at their beautiful wedding on February 14th! I’ve got a million (give or take) images to go through but I thought I’d share a few that caught my eye before I dive in.AYKM!?!?!?!? Kimberly – you …

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Winter Wonderland!

I know we’re all a little fed up with cold, and winter, and snow, but the Mountain View Grand is SO beautiful, I found a new appreciation for it! You know, at least for a day or two ;)I’m here for the wedding of the fabulous Kim & Jeff – as I arriv …

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Life's a Beach.

Last weekend we decided to take the cameras on a little outing.  Unfortunately, the weather decided to get cold, and fast.  So we only shot a few chilly photos and then packed it in.  Nichole had a great time with our new 18-200 lens. Theses icicles ar …

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Matthew Turns 2!

2 years ago I was just starting to dive into photography as more than a hobby.  My friends asked me to take some photos of their new baby, Matthew.  He was only about 2 weeks old here. And now, he’s TWO! I can’t beleive it’s been 2 years – we’ve all ha …

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Out & About

In what very readily feels like FOREVER ago, I met up with the fabulous Arie Kidder and took some photos of her amazing cakes to submission from Grace Ormonde weddings.  Well it looks like we made a good pair because her cake is now on display on the w …

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Hilary's Maternity Pictures 01.01.09

Hilary was due yesterday, but babies like to take their time so we haven’t had any news yet.  She’s so excited about being a mother though.  We were going to take some photos a few weeks ago, but we had a crazy blizzard and decided to reschedule.  I’m …

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Isabel turns 3! 01.17.09

Isabel is the daugther of our new friends Stephanie & Jeff.  She is a firey red head who just happened to turn 3 last week.  She has the best birthday shirt ever- and who says redheads can’t wear pink!  I love that the “Little Miss (and Mister)” bo …

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Christmas 2008

Christmas!! Our Christmas consists of Christmas Eve at my parents, then back here for a few hours of sleep, then we have Christmas Morning with Benjamin at our house and head back to my mothers and wind up at my Grandmothers house. Nichole acting as th …

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Sue & Mary 12.06.08

Sue & Mary had their wedding on a lovely Saturday in December.  The church was gorgeous.This picture makes me smile because I love how it represents their family and what’s to come.Their program in the stained glass windowTheir twins walking down t …

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"R" Christmas Kids!

These three are too cute.  I was supposed to meet up with them for a relaxed at home session so their dad could do christmas cards, unfortunately the kids were sick so we had to reschedule and time was tight.  I met them at the town hall while they pre …

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