Angela & Evan and Roxy! Newborn Puppy Shoot York ME

Angela and Evan make my heart smile.  After getting to know them through their glorious Dockside Wedding I was so happy when I ran into Evan breifly while I was getting ready for Kayla & Paloma’s same sex Dockside Wedding (another collaboration with the fantastic Nicole Mower Wedding and Events.) He mentioned that he and Angela were thinking of doing a family session soon. What they didn’t tell me was that it was going to be a Newborn Puppy Shoot York ME!Newborn Puppy Shoot York ME 00

We met up at the Wiggly Bridge in York, ME – Just around the corner from where they had their wedding.  The day was crazy foggy but I LOVE the look it lent to this cozy shoot!

We walked through the little loop in the Steedman Woods and let little miss Roxy do her puppy thing (meaning sniffing everything, giving us an average walking speed of .01 miles per hour) 😉 Newborn Puppy Shoot York ME 01 Baby nibbles and baby kisses!Newborn Puppy Shoot York ME 02 Well hello, Roxy!Newborn Puppy Shoot York ME 03Newborn Puppy Shoot York ME 06The Wiggly Bridge – “The bridge was built in the 1930s by a North Berwick company that now makes seats for giant stadiums. Originally there was an old mill here. Legend has it that a group of girl scouts created the nickname in the 1940s because the bridge – well, it wiggles.” (source)Newborn Puppy Shoot York ME 04 Newborn Puppy Shoot York ME 05 Newborn Puppy Shoot York ME 07 This is one of my favorites. The fog was definitely getting thicker as the shoot went on but I’m sort of kind of obsessed with the look. Newborn Puppy Shoot York ME 08 Newborn Puppy Shoot York ME 09 Roxy really is just like a baby – she wanted to be picked up and cradled and kept looking at me with these sweet sad eyes. She was totally worn out by the end of the shoot. Newborn Puppy Shoot York ME 10 Newborn Puppy Shoot York ME 11 Newborn Puppy Shoot York ME 12 Newborn Puppy Shoot York ME 13

It was so much fun gallavanting with this crew for their Newborn Puppy Shoot York ME! (seo makes me angry when I write, but happy when people find me on the interwebs. Oh google & algorithms.)


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