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Always remember to look up.

Living in a town with two high schools, you’d think I’d do a lot of senior photos. But the ones I do are usually for friends (and in all honesty, quick mini-sessions for boys who could care less but are graciously appeasing their parents)

Every once in a while I get called up on to be a Phillips Exeter Academy Photographer for a senior who’s about to graduate.

The weeks leading up to graduation are so full of hustle and bustle, but this beautiful girl took the time out of her schedule to meet with me and walk around town and around campus.

She’s going to change the world, I can tell you that much.

Remember to look up. ?⁣

We walked all around the campus including inside a few buildings.⁣
⁣She directed me to one particular building, that we were going to use as a cut through. Once inside my brain was pinging all over the place. Here’s a shot, there’s the light, look at that and oooooooooh.

⁣I stopped and looked up and almost tripped over myself.⁣
⁣The building culminated in an all-glass peaked skylight, with metal sheathing that bounced light, lines, and angles all over the place.⁣
⁣I was trying to figure out how to get her on the ceiling so I could incorporate it.⁣

⁣⁣⁣She said to me – “in four years, I’ve never noticed that”⁣
⁣To which I responded – “if I have any life lesson to impart to you, it’s always look up”⁣
⁣Literally and figuratively, stop and look around. Take a minute to look at things from every angle.⁣

⁣We have such a tendency to walk through life with blinders on.⁣

⁣Only focusing on what is right in front of us, what our next destination is, what the next thing to cross off our to-do list is.⁣
⁣Think of everything you’re missing.⁣
⁣This young lady is going to change the planet. She wants to study energy. She’s a brilliant mind and I have no doubt she will do great things.⁣
⁣And maybe, just maybe, she’ll remember the crazy words of the odd lady that took her senior year photos. ?⁣

Do you see which photo is what I saw when I looked up??

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