Portsmouth NH Personal Brand Photography

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Portsmouth NH Personal Brand Photography
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This is not your standard Portsmouth NH Personal Brand Photography.

It’s also philanthropy and humor. And well, vodka.

What happens when you mix two photographers and their undying adoration for the Seacoast Repertory Theater?

You get a winner! By the name of Bren Jennings.

Brenna Jennings -Writer, Photographer

A professionally trained photographer and versatile writer, I take all of my work seriously—even the funny stuff. My goal is always to meet my clients’ needs and make the process flow smoothly with the best possible outcomes.

When you meet with me, my first objective is to make you feel comfortable and cared for. During a photo shoot, pets may want to run, babies may need to nurse—maybe one of your adult subjects would rather be anywhere else. I use professional techniques, fun, and years of experience to set everyone at ease, and I strive to deliver a beautiful product.

Are we writing together? Let’s talk about your audience and the image you hope to convey. Tell me about what’s important to you and what you know is important to them. I’ll help you find the best voice and language for the job. I’ll hear your ideas and we’ll shape your message.

I try to support the Seacoast Rep all the ways I can. And while I don’t have money growing off my trees, I do have a little time and a little talent. So when they were looking for donations to their online auction, I went ahead and donated some Portsmouth NH Personal Brand Photography.

Then the strangest thing happened – I watched a bidding war unfold on my item. Like, this one name just kept outbidding the other. (Yes, I realize that is the very definition of a bidding war, but still) I was sort of in shock.

I was also excited when the aggressive bidder was the actual winner! She was also a photographer who donated a session to the auction as well!!

We were introduced by Kathleen, the fearless leader of the the Rep and we quickly got a date on the calendar.

I thought it would be great to meet at the Rep and do the photos there since that was the reason we were doing this thing.

First order of business, after a bunch of nervous laughter and awkward hugs? Vodka soda. ?

Then we got down to the business of taking photos. AND I LOVE THEM ALL!

I’m SO glad that I’ve now crossed paths with Brenna. It will make it so much less awkward when I keep stalking her so we can go out for drinks.

Portsmouth NH personal brand photography by Melissa Koren Photography. You can see more of my work online at melissakoren.com and also on Facebook and Instagram! If you’d rather contact me directly, please email me at melissa@melissakoren.com!


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