Sarah & Sofia L.O.V.E shoot 10.22.10 | Durham, NH Couple's Shoot

Blogging along, blogging along on the bottom of the beautiful briny sea…

Well, beside it anyway.

Up next in MKPland are Sarah & Sofia.  This delightful duo were looking for some l.o.v.e. shots and I was happy to oblige.  We ventured out to Adams Point in Durham, NH for our adventure.

Many thanks to Sarah for enduring a few overly zealous waves that kept coming up behind her to say hello 😉

So cute and so sweet with each other.

Uh, most of the time…

Ah, there we go – that’s better. (hello sunshine! hello warmth! hello color! we miss you around here!)

Sofia wasn’t so sure about the photos with the swamp.  I tried to assure it her it was a marsh and thanked her for playing along. It’s one of my favorites!

Oh sunlight, how I love you so!

Thank you both for the opportunity to gallivant around the point on a beautiful day!



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