Welcome home baby brother! Boston, MA At Home Newborn Photography

When I first met Rosie this past fall at our Maudslay State Park photo session we laughed and giggled and sang songs. This session I got to come visit her at her house and help welcome her new baby brother!

And what a perfect baby brother he is! I love his little man outfit – newborn sweater vests are the cutest!
melissa koren photography Rosie really is the sweetest big sister – so sweet and doting and gentle!boston at home newborn photography 01 Big sister kisses! No really – there’s a little tiny whale on that little tiny sweater vest!boston at home newborn photography 02 I love her little crooked smile.  boston at home newborn photography 03 And her perfect easter dress! She was the best little model!  We sang a quick song then she went off for lunch and naptime.boston at home newborn photography 04 Then it was newborn baby man time! He was absolutely perfect the whole shoot. boston at home newborn photography 05 He snoozed away in his little cargo pants – boston at home newborn photography 06 Pursed his perfect little lips – boston at home newborn photography 07 And did a good impression of a Buddha baby! Cheeks!boston at home newborn photography 08 Little baby ears and little baby toes. boston at home newborn photography 09 He was not, however, interested in my baby arm stacking trick.  He’s top heavy to the left. 😉boston at home newborn photography 10 boston at home newborn photography 11 boston at home newborn photography 12 Look at those little toes all spread out and feeling the air. boston at home newborn photography 13 boston at home newborn photography 14

It’s been so wonderful to capture all these delightful newborns lately. 2015 seems to be a big year for babies! I can’t wait to share them all with you.

I love photographing newborn sessions at home. It’s much more convenient for the family – I mean, you’ve just added a whole new family member and things can be a little.. which way is up?! I come to you, with everything needed for the shoot, but happy to incorporate anything you might want to use too.  All the baby accoutrements you need are right at hand and when I leave, you’re already home! I couldn’t have imagined packing up my little man and heading to a studio when he was a newborn – we would have needed two cars!

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