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Sep 06, 2012

Sarah: Class of 2012 | Senior Photos

Sarah & her mum Kathie came down from the Lakes Region to have me take Sarah’s senior photos.  We had a great time walking around Exeter talking about tropical adventures and anything else that might convince us we were warm. You’d never know how cold it was that day looking at Sarah though.  She’s the […]

Jun 08, 2012

Jae: Class of 2012 | NH Senior Yearbook Photos

Jae is class of 2012, slated to graduate next Friday.  We met up for his senior photos in Exeter, and there wasn’t a pose or location he didn’t make look good.  His sister Clarissa dominated her senior pictures just as easily.  Good genes run in this family! That’s for sure. Jae was charming and charismatic and […]

Jun 09, 2011

Congratulation 2011 Seniors! | Senior Photos

High Schools all over have started their commencements – is that oxymoronic?  Perhaps I should sign up for an English lesson or two from my crew of graduates? I’m not sure I’m smarter than a 12th grader 😉 I’m sure these guys flew through senior year with flying colors! You all are amazing – much […]

Apr 23, 2011

Billy: Class of 2011 | Stratham, NH Senior Photos

Billy antagonizes me like a little brother.  I love him and his family (the beautiful people behind Valerios Kitchen in Stratham and Annie’s Angels) to pieces – I’ve known them since 2006, and in 2007, his sister Stephie, was my first ever bride and let me tell you, nothing adds to a brother-sister dynamic like […]

Feb 06, 2011

Ginny: Class of 2011 | Hampton, NH Senior Pictures

In the continuation of the fantastic chronicling of the Class of 2011, I met Ginny & her mom bright and early the first weekend in October at the beach for some yearbook photos.  She was a natural infront of the camera! Being a little windy at the beach we decided to head back into Exeter […]

Feb 03, 2011

Elizabeth: Class of 2011 | Laconia, NH Senior Photos

I had such a great time in Laconia shooting Alex’s senior photos.  I was surprised and grateful when I got a call from a friend of Alex’s mom, whose daughter Elizabeth  was also a senior.   I headed back up to Laconia and picked Elizabeth up at her house.  We went into town and enjoyed […]