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Montanna's Senior Pictures 08.16.09

My first class of 2010 senior this past summer was Montanna.  She and I met up on a hot August day at Prescott Park in Portsmouth to rock out some fabulous shots.  She was up for anything and so sweet but driven all at the same time. And my favorite fr …

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Rachel's Senior Pictures 09.30.08

Rachel is a senior! Working through her last year of high school it was time to immortalize it for the yearbook! We took a quick ride around Portsmouth on a gorgeous September afternoon and snapped a few shots for her to chose from. Cong …

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Liz's Senior Pictures 09.21.08

Liz is a going to graduate in 2009 and so that meant it was time to get her senior pictures done!  She boards her horse at the same stable where I did Shauna & Ali’s senior photos last year and was thrilled to hear that their mother’s had recommend …

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Natasha's Senior Pictures

After a hefty thunderstorm in Nashua after meeting with Greg & Sam, the skies cleared just before sunset and I was able to meet up with Tasha and her mom and get Tash’s senior pictures taken. Ever the adventurer, she had no problem getting down in …

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Greg's Senior Pictures

On a hot September day I headed off to Nashua, NH to meet up with Greg, his mom, and his girlfriend Sam.A member of the graduating class of 2008, Greg had a great personality and we had a great time traipsing around the country club. He wouldn’t let me …

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