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Lauren & Patrick: Engaged! 10.22.10 | Concord, NH Engagement Photos

Lauren & Patrick are fantastic.  Hands down just good people to know.  I was overjoyed when they asked me to be their wedding photographer and elated when they wanted to take advantage of some fall fun at Carter Hill Orchards in Concord. I loved that they came ready for anything and fully embracing the slight chill […]

Melissa & Chad: Married! 09.11.10 | Concord, NH Wedding Photography

So I’ve made the executive decision that in an effort to finally be up to date on blogging, I’m doing away with two-parters.  Which means you’re just going to have to ‘endure’ heavily laden photoblogs from me if that’s what the event dictates.  It seems if it’s my name on the blog, I can execute […]

Colleen & Howie 08.14.09

Colleen & Howie contacted me in August ’08 when their wedding was just about a year away.  They were referred by Kate & Marcus and I was so excited to be a part of their day! I arrived at St. John the Evangelist in Concord, NH to find last minute touches going on before Howie […]


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