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Loose, Footloose!

NH Senior Photos

Splashing into senior year like it ain’t no thing in these NH Senior Photos. I’ve known Abby for a decade now – she and her younger brother were participants in one of my first ever mini-sessions! I’ve watched her grow into an accomplished dancer, acto …

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Can I bring a friend along to my shoot?

Southern NH Senior Photos

Of course, you can! If you think that having someone along to help you laugh and keep you natural will be beneficial, then by all means!  This gorgeous girl brought her mom and a friend along for her southern NH senior photos.  They helped ke …

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Class of 2017: NH Yearbook Senior Photos

Graduation season is nearly upon us! These NH Yearbook Senior Photo kids are almost ready to sit and listen to their commencement speeches.  In the words of Steve Jobs (Stanford Commencement, 2005) When I was 17, I read a quote that went something …

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BJ & Ethan: Exeter NH Senior Yearbook Photos

Now this is a story all about how… I’ve had the time of my life. Both of these sessions for Exeter NH Senior Yearbook Photos hold a special place in my memory. First was BJ – charismatic is the first word that comes to mind for him!  He also brought …

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Hannah & Mariel: NH Senior Yearbook Photos

The parents of these two lovely ladies contacted me about NH Senior Yearbook Photos for their wonderfully accomplished children.  I’ve photographed each of them as part of their family multiple times before and never quite put together that they would …

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