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Yearbook Photos! Senior Pictures! Class of 2018

yearbook photos! senior pictures!

This is the year. The year it happens. The year my baby graduates from high school.  Most of these Yearbook Photos! Senior Pictures! are his friends.  Kids I’ve known for the better part of the last 6-12 years.  Kids I’ve known as 1 …

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Maddie: Class of 2016: Exeter NH Senior Yearbook Photos

Another day, another beauty!  I’ve known Maddie since she was…. 9? 10?  younger.  That’s for sure.  And I was so happy to be able to walk around town with her for her Exeter NH Senior Yearbook Photos.  Maddie is a genuinely lovely person. Confident a …

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Family Photos with a Senior – Seacoast NH Photography

My lifestyle sessions are designed to capture anything you might like.  It doesn’t need to be limited to just a senior session or just a family session.  Having a new baby?  Family maternity sessions are wonderful!  Is it your …

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Class of 2014: NH Senior Photography

Did you know in most cases, you can choose your own photographer for senior pictures?  These kids get an A+ for originality and I’m so happy they picked me to capture their amazing personalities as they head into senior year.

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Sam: Class of 2012 | NH Exeter Senior Yearbook Photos

Sam’s aunt contacted me about her senior session and we arranged it for a perfect afternoon.  Sam is gorgeous – she reminds me of snow white with her long dark hair and creamy skin.  I loved hanging out with them and adore the shots we got.  She’s sinc …

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Jesse: Class of 2012 | Exeter, NH Senior Yearbook Photos

Jesse was great fun.  Politely laughing at all my stupid jokes and getting shorter when I couldn’t quite get the right angle because he’s so tall.    “For what it’s worth: it’s never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be. Ther …

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