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Where’s Duke?

Odiorne Point Engagement Session

Molly & Tim are the first couple to officially find me on Instagram! They were looking for ideas for their Odiorne Point Engagement Session & Wedding and well – hashtags! Molly, her mom and I met up at Me & Ollies and after talking a little …

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If my heart was beating that fast, I can only imagine how he was feeling!

NH Proposal Photography

Armed with a few google map printouts and some directions in an email, I headed off to Kingston State Park to pretend I was a nature photographer. I heard their voices coming from the direction of the map and then I spied them, matching them to the pho …

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The word of the day is cozy!

Exeter NH Fall Engagement session

How cute and cozy are these two in their Exeter NH Fall Engagement session?? I first met Bruce many moons ago when one of my favorite people, Nicole of Nicole Mower Weddings and Events married the love of her life, Haven.  Now, it’s Bruce’s t …

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The Notebook: NH Edition

I’m not sure what it is exactly, but the whole time I’m looking at these photos, all I can think about is The Notebook.   There’s no rain, and no ‘achingly tender love story’ to overcome (I mean they’re absolutely tender, but I don’t think it …

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If you’re hoppy and you know it!

NH Brewery Engagement Session

If one of your favorite pass-times is going to breweries, then it only makes sense to go to a brewery for your engagement session!  And since puppies and pints pretty much go hand in hand these days, bringing along your favorite (super adorable) d …

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How do you know “The One”?

Newburyport LGBT Engagement Session

How do you know “The One”?! Ok, not that “The One” – that’s up to you to know and if you love yourself enough to trust your soul, you’ll know.  In this instance, I’m talking about the images we create.  In every session, there’s a moment …

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What do I do with my hands?

Engagement photos in Exeter NH - Sunset Engagement Session - Exe

One of the biggest questions ever when taking photos is “what do I do with my hands?” – Well, take a look at these Exeter NH Sunset Engagement Photos for some great inspiration.  To keep your hands looking less awkward during your session there ar …

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Winter is a terrible time to take photos. #False! New Hampshire Winter Engagement Shoot

New Hampshire Winter Engagement Shoot

So now that enough time has passed, and we’re nice and warm in the at the beginning of August, I’d like to apologize for the March snowpocolypse that happened.   Here’s how it all went down. We had a brilliantly amazing Summer Prescott Park E …

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Follow your adventurous soul. Stefanie & Andrew – Engaged!

Exeter NH Summer Engagement Photos-0004

It’s all who you know.  Just ask Stefanie & Andrew, this fabulous couple who rocked their Exeter NH Summer Engagement Session!  How did you two meet? “We met through one of our best friends,  Amy!  Stefanie and Amy grew up toget …

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Mary Beth & April: Engaged! Exeter NH Same-Sex Engagement Session

Exeter NH Same-Sex Engagement Session

This Exeter NH Same-Sex Engagement Session gives me all the feels! In the midst of planning it between the 3 of us, I got this sneaky email from April –  “Mary Beth and I are excited to be meeting up with you next Friday for engagement photos. I j …

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