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You’ve gotta have friends.

NH Headshot Photographer

I’m a huge believer in the ‘right place, right time’ mentality. That some things are just meant to be. When I first learned about this photo retreat called ‘Inspire’ in 2013, the timing wasn’t quite right. While I had met one of the organizers’ husband …

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A lifelong dream, fulfilled!

Talk about clickbait… It’s not untrue, I did finally get to do something I’ve always wanted to do during these Boston MA Esplanade Family Photos, but I didn’t ultimately get a picture of it! This marvelous family contacted me this past summer for som …

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If my heart was beating that fast, I can only imagine how he was feeling!

NH Proposal Photography

Armed with a few google map printouts and some directions in an email, I headed off to Kingston State Park to pretend I was a nature photographer. I heard their voices coming from the direction of the map and then I spied them, matching them to the pho …

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Hey, good lookin’! Whatcha got cookin’?

Kittery Maine Baby Announcement

Do you ever meet someone you’ve ‘known’ through the internet and give them a great big hug and just as you’re saying “it’s so nice to see you again” he’s saying “it’s so nice to meet you” and you step back and say “huh?” “we’ve never met before?!” “tha …

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Baby kisses!

York Maine Winter Family Photos Session

One of my favorite things to photograph is your family in it’s ‘natural state’. I have a whole “More Than A Minute” session option geared toward that! But sometimes, even in a more straightforward York Maine Winter Family Photos Session, I get to catch …

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Jillian & Andrew: My top 10 favorite moments!

NH Exeter Inn Winter Wedding

I can certainly name more than 10 things I love about this NH Exeter Inn Winter Wedding, but everyone loves a good list, so here we go! (Spoiler alert: Kids at weddings can be a hoot) 10: The kids running up and down the hall keeping themselves en …

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Row, Row, Row your boat!

Odiorne Point Boat Launch Sunset NH Engagement Session

I like people who take action.  Dave proposed to Summer, and she pretty much immediately jumped on the task of finding a photographer to complete her Odiorne Point Boat Launch Sunset NH Engagement Session vision! (damn, that was a mouthful, s …

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It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas (tree)

Fall Exeter NH Family Photos

I was walking around the park during my Fall Exeter NH Family Photos and I found it. The holy grail. The ultimate scene. The perfect Charlie Brown Christmas Tree! I was most likely inordinately excited, but all of my families that day played along with …

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Make time. Not excuses.

Seacoast NH Family MIni Sessions

Make time, not excuses.  Your family is worthy of tangible memories. Memories that can be passed down from generation to generation. With a Seacoast NH Family Mini Sessions, lovingly called the “I Get A Kick Out Of You” session, you need …

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Who gets the rose? Exeter NH Family Photography

Birthdays are so much fun! A reason to celebrate! A reason for Exeter NH Family Photography! To get together with your family near and far and eat cake!  And if you have a lot of cousins, you may have to rock paper scissors for a frosting rose… …

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