Most folks get senior photos done for submission to the yearbook at the beginning of their senior year.  Mackenzie's mom wanted to get some of her just before graduation, at the end of her senior year! I'm running a senior mini sessions special right now!
I'm sure these guys flew through senior year with flying colors! David – Alex – Ryan – Bethany W – Elizabeth – Mariah – Bethany C – Ginny – Darcie – Amanda – Billy – and Clarissa – That means class of 2012 – You're officially seniors and it's time to get to it and schedule your senior photo session!
🙌 The Importance of a NH Senior Yearbook Photo Session 🎓 Ah, senior yearbook photos! Our faces tell a tale worth many emojis 😉 Every NH Senior Yearbook Photo Session speaks volumes about our personal growth and achievements (and yes, even growth past those endearing awkward phases we all adore!).
Exeter NH Mini Senior Session
The one that happens much earlier – Your Exeter NH Mini Senior Session with me! In most cases, Yearbook Photos are due in OCTOBER of your senior year. Exeter NH Mini Senior Session. 
Happy Graduation to these Class of 2021 seniors! But having these NH Senior Yearbook Photos to remember it by will help decorate your stories to tell for years to come. NH Senior Yearbook Photos.
Did you know in most cases, you can choose your own photographer for senior pictures?  These kids get an A+ for originality and I'm so happy they picked me to capture their amazing personalities as they head into senior year.

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