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Andrea & Toto Engaged! 07.19.09

Hello! The pictures are amazing! Thank You very much and I can’t wait until next month! It takes a phenomenal photographer like you to bring out the best in people! It made my family tear up! You don’t even know how happy this makes me! =) ~ Andrea

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The "S" Family 11.16.08

The things about living in the town you went to school in is inevitably, you run into people!  Nicole and I took highschool Spanish together.  Now she and her husband (another classmate) and their three beautiful children live just around the corner fr …

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The "D" Family 11.01.08

I have known this family since I was in 7th grade.  We lost touch for a while, but it’s amazing what comes of addiction to the internet!  We reconnected 3 years ago and it was wonderful to find out they still lived in the area!  They asked if I could d …

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Reed & Family 09.21.08

Last September, I took some maternity portraits for my cousin Catrina.  Almost a year later, we revisited the scene of the ‘crime’ to take some “my first halloween” pictures with her son, Reed!I am partially bias, I admit, but I swear, he is the most b …

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Stephanie's Maternity Portraits 10.28.07

After photographing the roaring lion/happy drooly baby – I met up with Stephanie who wanted to get some maternity shots. She barely looks pregnant but at this point she only had 6 weeks left! Wow! Those are amazing. Thank you soooo much. The pictures a …

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Logan & Family 10.28.07

Leslie & her son Logan, who I photographed a few months ago – were looking to do some family pictures with her sister as well as some 7 month pictures for Logan. Armed with his Halloween costume and prepared to brave the gusty chilly wind, we headed ou …

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Catrina's Maternity Photos

Due on November 30st, Catrina made a trip down to Exeter, NH to have some maternity shots taken.Racing against the sunset (but not having it cooperate for any of our shots) we managed to get quite a few shots taken before we hit too dark and too tired. …

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