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NH LGBTQ Maternity + Newborn Photos

Baby O! NH LGBTQ Maternity + Newborn Photos

I knew from their York Maine Dockside Queer Wedding that these mamas have what it takes to make amazing photos. But these NH LGBTQ Maternity + Newborn Photos illustrate they also have what it takes to make an amazing baby! When I saw the news they were pregnant on Instagram I did a little happy dance in my chair for them. When they reached saying they wanted me to photograph their parenting adventure well –

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Newburyport MA Family Photos

Newburyport MA Family Photos – Baby’s First Year!

Whether it was his North Shore Newborn session, his 6 month Newburyport MA Family Session or celebrating his first birthday with some Newburyport MA Family Photos, this little dude is as smily as the come! By the first birthday they’re usually rearing to go, if not already walking around. However not many of them are stopping in the middle of the park to do downward dog 😂 We met up at the Newburyport Waterfront Park

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Newborn Photography at your NH Home

Everyone is happier, cozier, and more relaxed with Newborn Photography at your NH Home. Everyone, except maybe the cat. 😳 I’m not sure exactly how this cat thought it was going to perch itself in this slanted skylight, but they were not interested in the small tiny human its owners had brought home to get in the way. 😂 This sweet little girl spent half her time cozy and asleep and then woke up for

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Southern NH Fall Mini Session

NH Fall Mini Sessions

What happens during Southern NH Fall Mini Sessions? We take pictures.  I sing a lot of weird songs.  I make a lot of silly noises.  You get all the combinations of family photos you can think of.  We finish the session before your kids burn out, meltdown, or think that taking pictures is terrible.  When are your next mini-sessions? October and November 2021 dates are announced – grab your spot here! –> Booking Closed Where

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LGBTQ Wedding in Exeter, NH

Pilar + Heather – An Exeter NH Wedding at Mila

There isn’t a number, or a unit, or even a word big enough to quantify the amount of love that was present at this Exeter NH wedding at Mila by White Apron, formerly The Bungalow Club. Maybe you can tell from the hugs. Or from the joyfulness and exuberance on all the guests’ faces. But the most obvious place you’re going to see it is in how this couple looked at each other. Heather +

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Hartley Mason Reserve Family Photos

Hartley Mason Reserve Family Photos

Sisters. Cousins. Apple of Grandma’s eye! Said Grandma booked these Hartley Mason Reserve Family Photos for her girls! The HMR is a wonderful place for a session. The grass is as green as can be and there are beautiful nooks and crannies for exploring. There’s a path that leads to the York Harbor Cliff walk as well as the happy little space also known as York Harbor Beach. Post-session I actually took the time to

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NH Backyard Fall Wedding

Tessa + Luke: NH Backyard Fall Wedding!

Tessa and Luke and the most amazing NH Backyard Fall Wedding, and everything about it spoke to them as a couple. After a beautiful rainy fall NH engagement session last year I knew these two were looking forward to the small moments as much as the grand plan of being married. And so while I was expecting attention to detail and absolutely unique execution of their plans, I was blown away by how it all

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Lesbian LGBTQ couple elope Oceanside at their campsite

Eloping in NH: Your Guide to the BEST New Hampshire Elopement

New Hampshire is a magical place to get married, but did you know it’s also a great place to elope? Up until a handful of years ago, you would only hear about an elopement in terms of people running off to the courthouse or NYC when they eloped. Elopements and small, intimate weddings have become more common in the past decade. People (my folks, for sure) started celebrating their love in their own way— In

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Southern NH Winter Engagement Session cola!

‘Wear layers and maybe bring a blanket’ was my advice to this Southern NH Winter Engagement Session couple. Their response? “We love the cold!!” They also love the big charm of a small country town! We met at the Newfields boat launch, and then took our adventure up the hill to the “downtown” of it all. The cutest of all country stores awaited and they popped inside to purchase a six-pack of their favorite, a

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York Harbor Inn Late Summer Wedding-0065

Christina + Ejay: York Harbor Inn Late Summer Wedding

As I watched Christina and Ejay finally get their first dance at their long-awaited York Harbor Inn Late Summer Wedding, I welled up with tears. I was so completely overwhelmed with how lovely they were as people, as a couple, and how amazingly surrounded with support and friendship they were. But most of all, I was overwhelmed that this was my job and I was lucky enough to work with them. Their fantastic and fun

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