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Concord NH At Home Newborn Photos

Folded fingers and folded toes.

Don’t believe me? Just look at this beautiful babe and her Concord NH At Home Newborn Photos! Not only has she already mastered the Mr. Burns folded hands, but she grasps her toes with her other toes! This sweet love is the daughter of one of my favorite couples and their Portsmouth Harbor Events wedding! The craftiness and talent for making things, and making them uniquely personal, continued with the plethora of blankets and quilts

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Kathy + George: Married! York Harbor Inn Summer Wedding

Never have I ever… Had so much fun at a York Harbor Inn Summer Wedding! Booking a wedding with me can happen in many iterations. We could meet years in advance, have an engagement session, grab a drink to talk about the wedding timeline, spend time before the ceremony taking photos and hang out through bustling the dress, toasts, and those first wild songs of open dance floor. or We could email a little, talk

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Summertime Wight Barn Sturbridge MA Queer Wedding

Oh the FUN we had at this Wight Barn Sturbridge MA Queer Wedding! The bright blue sky was amplified by perfectly puffy clouds as Emma and Steph got ready in the same space, but divided by a barn door. They’d seen their various pieces and accessories, but not the whole look altogether. They shared a quick conversation through the door but waited for the first look for their full reveal. Steph was in place and

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Massachusetts At Home Newborn Family Photos

What’s an at-home family newborn session, anyway?

Well, I would say it’s like it sounds, but that’s because I’ve been doing it for a while now. In the case of this, and most Massachusetts At Home Newborn Family Photos, it’s a mix of feedings, photos and fun! I generally try and start with photos of the whole family, all the siblings, and fur pets. We can work in the nursery if you have one, in a big pig pile on the bed

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NH Winter Family Photos

More snow, please!

That’s literally not something I’d EVER thought I’d say. (Especially being that it’s August right now) but man, sunny NH Winter Family Photos in fresh fallen snow? It kinda sings to me! These two little dudes (and their parents) were super excited to show me around their new backyard! The super tall pines run along the river. The various slopes that I’m sure will become daredevil sled runs as the boys get older. It’s a

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What if it’s going to rain?

Ya’ll let’s talk about the weather. Spring, Summer, Fall, Exeter NH Winter Family Photos and any session you’ve got scheduled. If it’s going to pour, or be too windy, or just too freaking cold (or hot) I will 100% be in touch about rescheduling. There’s a lot of weather conditions that work for photos, like this beautiful December afternoon, where you can get sunset photos before you even have dinner. But if the weather’s going

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North Conway NH LGBT Wedding-0050

Becky + Dewie: Married! North Conway NH LGBT Wedding

It was a beautiful day for this North Conway NH LGBT Wedding. Beautiful puffy clouds floated in the sky as they had a ceremony tailored just for them. Becky + Dewie had a June 2020 wedding planned. Living in Florida and planning a destination wedding is tricky enough, but when you’re thrown a global curveball, it can be even crazier. These two handled it with ease and grace. They knew their love was one for

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NH Winter Holiday Photos

Twinkle Twinkle Little Sessions!

This past winter, I created “micro sessions” which in the true meaning of the word, was like a mini-session, only shorter! I wanted a way to offer NH Winter Holiday Photos in a safe, quick, fun format. And I wanted to do it at home. After the fun I’d had earlier in the fall with the NH School Photos, I decided I could make a couple easy to use spots in the yard. But how

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The Rainbow Connection

In a year that was riddled with separation, the ability to be together was even more of a treasure than normal. Add in a brand new, first-ever, grandbaby, and these NH Beach Sunset Photos were even more of a gift. I mean, they were literally a gift, but their figurative value was far greater! NH Beach Sunset Photos. Wedding, Family and Newborn + Brand Photographer Melissa Koren Photography photographs good people. (How’s that for overuse

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Round 2! ?

After finishing our Baby’s First Year package with an adorable First Birthday Session, I was incredibly sad for our journey to come to an end. Engagement photos, Wedding, Newborn… you get the point. Well, come to find out, our next step was right around the corner. A NH Family Maternity Session! I’m so excited to continue the journey with this magnificent family! I only hope Winnie the Dog won’t be too sad when there’s a

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