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NH Winter Holiday Photos

Twinkle Twinkle Little Sessions!

This past winter, I created “micro sessions” which in the true meaning of the word, was like a mini-session, only shorter! I wanted a way to offer NH Winter Holiday Photos in a safe, quick, fun format. And I wanted to do it at home. After the fun I’d had earlier in the fall with the NH School Photos, I decided I could make a couple easy to use spots in the yard. But how

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The Rainbow Connection

In a year that was riddled with separation, the ability to be together was even more of a treasure than normal. Add in a brand new, first-ever, grandbaby, and these NH Beach Sunset Photos were even more of a gift. I mean, they were literally a gift, but their figurative value was far greater! NH Beach Sunset Photos. Wedding, Family and Newborn + Brand Photographer Melissa Koren Photography photographs good people. (How’s that for overuse

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Round 2! ?

After finishing our Baby’s First Year package with an adorable First Birthday Session, I was incredibly sad for our journey to come to an end. Engagement photos, Wedding, Newborn… you get the point. Well, come to find out, our next step was right around the corner. A NH Family Maternity Session! I’m so excited to continue the journey with this magnificent family! I only hope Winnie the Dog won’t be too sad when there’s a

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I have a proposal for you!

A NH Beach Proposal! Spoiler alert, she said yes! How awkward would it be if I posted these photos and she HADN’T said yes‽ It was an idyllic day. The sky and the ocean were to incredibly different, yet striking shades of blue. The warmth of the sun would never betray it’s Late November calendar date. I walked to the designated spot on the beach and tried to spot them coming. He’d let me know

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The sweetest daddy’s girl.

I am 100% a daddy’s girl, so I definitely have a soft spot for that father daughter connection. And seeing great dads, like in these Cozy NH Fall Family Photos gives me all the warm and fuzzies. I don’t know why there’s not a ‘mommy’s girl’ colloquialism, but she’s one of those too. The love and kindness that these two parents are instilling in their little girl is evident and overwhelming! Watching her care for

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At-Home Mini Sessions!

Let’s say you miss my October/November mini-session dates but you still need Seacoast NH Family Photos. What to do, what to do? I have a mini-session option you can schedule any time! My ‘I Get A Kick Out of You’ session is perfect for quick family photos! It’s a few minutes longer than a ‘mini session day’ slot, and you can schedule it anywhere in the Exeter/SAU16 area, so that means at your house, your

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NH Outdoor Newborn Session

Can we do an outdoor newborn session?

Just take a look at this NH Outdoor Newborn Session! The answer is, of course! But there are top two things o consider. The weather. This goes without saying, but the ‘too cold’ point for a newborn is much warmer than ‘too cold’ for a standard family session. How much sleepy smooshy posing you want. 99% of the time those sleepy baby poses are coerced with a lot of warmth and patience. A gentle breeze

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Jacklyn + Jereme: Toad Hill Farm Wedding Love!

When Jacklyn saw her friend Sam post her Toad Hill Farm Summer wedding photos she instantly fell in love with the venue (and the photographer! ?.) Fast forward a few years and Jacklyn found Jereme and they started to plan their wedding. Toad Hill didn’t seem like it was going to be in the cards, but they found a nice place and then contacted me! We met and chatted (for 3 hours over tacos and

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Fall leaves and short sleeves!

When I first started offering baby’s first-year packages, I wasn’t actually sure they’d be popular. Well, I’m always glad to be wrong when it means I get to see these sweet little bobble heads reach milestones and develop a personality! We first met this little one and his collection of animal swaddles at home in his nursery, but this time we opted for an outdoor adventure. And we managed to time it with that odd

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NH Senior Yearbook Photos!

Happy Graduation to these Class of 2021 seniors! It was a crazy year, for sure. But having these NH Senior Yearbook Photos to remember it by will help decorate your stories to tell for years to come. I sometimes wonder what our kids will tell their kids about what a sh*t show this previous year was. I wonder if it will be the new “Oh yeah? you think you have it rough? We had to

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