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When you really love Maple Syrup

Before I share this NH newborn photography at home – Here’s a thing about me: I only have 2 photos of me pregnant – both in the last 4 weeks. One is at my baby shower, on Mother’s Day. It was 90 degrees an 300% humidity. I’m flushed, and sweaty. But I …

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Baby’s First Christmas!

Massachusetts At Home Newborn Photographer

First comes love, and a Newburyport Engagement Session. Then comes marriage, and a Colony Hotel Kennebunkport Wedding. Then comes a perfect little Christmas miracle with his own Massachusetts At Home Newborn Photographer! I’ve loved all of our adventur …

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Oh my oh my oh dinosaurs! Newborn Photos

Babies & dogs! That seems to be the name of the game these days, and it’s the CUTEST!  This sweet old girl and her newly minted baby brother were cozy and wonderful at their Newborn Photography session!  We started with some family photos …

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When your nursery is this lovely, make sure you have an Exeter NH At Home Newborn Session

Pretty in pink was the theme for this Exeter NH At Home Newborn Session.  All the gentle love and sweetness for this beautiful baby girl who’s already stolen her parents’ hearts.  May you touch dragonflies and stars, dance with the fairies an …

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More than just a wedding day photographer.

Concord NH At Home Newborn Session

Before I forget, you have to go check out the cross-stitched sonogram! It’s astounding!  Now on to it – Friends, I can’t tell you how much this Concord NH At Home Newborn Session means to me.  I first photographed Sarah and Sam for their …

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Look at you! You have a baby! In a dumptruck! At Home Newborn Session Brentwood NH

At Home Newborn Session Brentwood NH

Leo! The star of this At Home Newborn Session Brentwood NH may actually have been big sister, Clara – she’s quite ready for this little boy to be all hers.  During diaper changing time she was ready and waiting with a finger full of diaper rash cr …

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Well isn’t that cozy!? She said to me with perfect annunciation… Concord NH At Home Newborn Photos

Concord NH At Home Newborn Photos

These are Calvin’s newborn photos, but man did his older sister ever keep me laughing at their Concord NH At Home Newborn Photos.  She was ever so proud to show him off to me, and very curious about what we were doing.  I showed her one of my …

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Remember when it was cute that she stuck her tongue out? New Hampshire Newborn Photographer

Seacoast NH Newborn Photography

Sticking your tongue out isn’t necessarily a cute action for a grownup.  Our friend’s toddler gets a time out if she does it.  But when you’re not even two weeks old, and it’s your go to, it’s adorable!  Rosy’s sweet little face was just …

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You’re never gonna see no unicorn! Exeter NH At Home Newborn Photographer

newborn baby girl sleeping photo

You’ll see green alligators and long-necked geese Some humpty-backed camels and some chimpanzees Some cats and rats and elephants, but sure as you’re born You’re never gonna see no unicorn I’ve always loved this silly cheesy song –  But it’s not t …

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Your house is a very very very fine house! NH Newborn Photos At Home

NH Newborn Photos At Home

NH Newborn Photos At Home! It’s the way to go.  You’ve just had a baby.  You’re just getting settled into your home and having another human being in your space.  And the last thing you want to do is pack everything you might ever t …

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