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Lean on Me – NH Fall Engagement Session

Get ready to discover a gem of a spot – Wagon Hill Farm! It’s like the ultimate photoshoot playground that suits any mood – whether you’re up for a chill vibe, dressing to impress, or embracing the beauty of different seasons like summer, spring, winte …

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Nubble Light Surprise Proposal – Maine Proposal Photos

Three things about a Nubble Light Surprise Proposal that are impossible to replicate:  The genuine shock of a surprise proposal when the one you love drops down on one knee and you realize what’s happening. The pure joy (and relief) that eman …

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Winter is a terrible time to take photos. #False! New Hampshire Winter Engagement Shoot

New Hampshire Winter Engagement Shoot

So now that enough time has passed, and we’re nice and warm in the at the beginning of August, I’d like to apologize for the March snowpocolypse that happened.   Here’s how it all went down. We had a brilliantly amazing Summer Prescott Park E …

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Lindsay & Blake: Engaged! NH Fall Engagement Photos

NH Fall Engagement Photos

Oh, Autumn! Sometimes I feel like you’re never going to get here.  Thankfully for these NH Fall Engagement Photos, you showed up!  We still had to get a little creative to use some of your beauty, but I LOVE the results we got.   Li …

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Julia & Rusty: Engaged! Durham NH Fall Engagement Session

Durham NH Fall Engagement Session

I think it might be safe to say, other than my mother, Julia is my biggest fan.  She and Rusty prepped all for their Durham NH Fall Engagement Session by practicing saying silly things to make each other laugh.  Well, whatever the practiced b …

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Kira & Derek – Engaged! Prescott Park Engagement Pictures

Prescott Park Engagement Session

Kira & Derek had to practice an enormous amount of patience for their Prescott Park Engagement Pictures.  We scheduled a date. And it rained. And we scheduled another date. And it rained. And we scheduled another date, and you guessed it – it …

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Megan & Chris: Engaged! Exeter NH Winter Engagement Pictures

Exeter NH Winter Engagement Photos

Boots, Flannel, and Ducks!  Megan & Chris are amazing. They were hoping for snow for their Exeter NH Winter Engagement Pictures, and somehow, it happened! Snow AND sunshine!  We met at Gilman Park – one of my favorites. Tucked away, but f …

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Julie & Eric: Spring Sunset Prescott Park Engagement Session

Spring Sunset Prescott Park Engagement Session

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I’m sure.  The best recipe for forever is a little romance and a lot of silliness. Julie & Eric have that down to a tee. Even though Julie had warned me that Eric was a “smart alec” and was going to try and …

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Marie & Edgar: Newburyport Engagement Session

Marie & Edgar: Newburyport Engagement Session

After nearly a year of emailing back and forth, I was more than a little excited to finally meet Marie & Edgar for their Newburyport Engagement Session.  This couple is amazing. They’ve been together for 16 years, have 2 beautiful children, and the …

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Sarah & Derek Engaged! Portsmouth NH Winter Engagement Photos

Sarah & Derek restored my faith in humanity.  Probably THE MOST embarrassing thing to every happen to me professionally happened when I met them for their Portsmouth NH Winter Engagement Photos. I didn’t have any batteries for my cameras. It’s like …

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