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Nicky! Watch Me Grow! NH At Home Newborn Photos

Baby Nicky’s parents stole my heart a few years back at their Zorvino Vineyards Wedding. When I got the news they were expecting a mini-me, I could not have been more excited for the opportunity to hang out with these genuinely spectacular folks during …

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Lydia! NH Watch Me Grow Photos

You’ve seen her At Home Newborn session, her fantastic Fall Family Photos 4-month-old session, and now the final two sessions of this sweet girl’s NH Watch Me Grow series! From just born to One! Her 8-month-old session was as cute as can be.  She was j …

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Emily! Massachusetts Watch Me Grow Photos

Sweet sweet Emily! It’s been so wonderful getting to know this family!  The first time we met was for their newborn session – little miss was just 10 days old!  After copious snuggles, we parted ways, but only until next time! Happily, Em was signed up …

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Robert! Seacoast NH Baby’s First Year Sessions

Guys. No really, Guys.  This Seacoast NH Baby’s First Year album makes me tear up.  I’ve had so many wonderful adventures with this family! Learning that Jack was going to be a big brother was so exciting!  And from the maternity session to the cake sm …

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Connor: Baby’s First Year! Massachusetts At Home Newborn Photos

Oh, the places you will go! I was so enamored with Connor’s nursery – just another reason I love Massachusetts I was so enamored with Connor’s nursery! Just another reason I love Massachusetts At Home Newborn Photos. Seeing all the attention to detail …

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Baby Girls! NH Cousin Family Session

A NH Cousin Family Session- What’s better than family? These two cousins will grow up knowing they’ve got a huge family that loves them! Did you know you can invite friends to your first-year collections?  Everly and I had a superb NH Newborn Session, …

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Celebrate Family! Great Island Common Family Photo Shoot

I love these Celebrate Family sessions!  And this Great Island Common Family Photo Shoot is no exception.  They’re also a family that’s been a part of my life, and my business, for over five years. It all started with this lovely couple on the left.  T …

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Celebrate Family! Plum Island Family Photos

When grandma lives on the beach with private access to your own little piece of heaven, it only makes sense to schedule some Plum Island Family Photos! At the Sea-Side BY ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON When I was down beside the sea A wooden spade they gave to …

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Celebrate Family! NH Beach Sunset Family Photos

Another round of NH beach sunset family photos – this past summer was like a dream.  A dream I would never have fully appreciated if I did have the honor of spending time with these families as they commemorate a moment, however big or small. Taking pi …

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Celebrate Family! Ogunquit Maine Family Photos

Oh to be young, and not just young at heart.  Family sessions always give me a good workout and the resistance of the sand definitely adds to the calorie burn 🙂  That said, there are fewer things that exhibit pure bliss more than letting kid …

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