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There is really only one goal.

NH Senior Yearbook Photos

NH Senior Yearbook Photos are basically a personal brand session. They’re about taking the time to celebrate who you are right now and create a moment to look back on years from now. To remember (and maybe wonder what the heck) what was happening as yo …

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Loose, Footloose!

NH Senior Photos

Splashing into senior year like it ain’t no thing in these NH Senior Photos. I’ve known Abby for a decade now – she and her younger brother were participants in one of my first ever mini-sessions! I’ve watched her grow into an accomplished dancer, acto …

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Always remember to look up.

phillips exeter academy photographer

Living in a town with two high schools, you’d think I’d do a lot of senior photos. But the ones I do are usually for friends (and in all honesty, quick mini-sessions for boys who could care less but are graciously appeasing their parents) Every once in …

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My high school requires I use their studio for my yearbook photo.

Southern NH Senior Pictures

Does your high school require you use their studio for your yearbook photo?  Boo.  That’s friggin lame.  I mean, from a professional standpoint I can see some benefit to the technical aspect of it all.  Laying out the yearbook is a …

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Can I bring a friend along to my shoot?

Southern NH Senior Photos

Of course, you can! If you think that having someone along to help you laugh and keep you natural will be beneficial, then by all means!  This gorgeous girl brought her mom and a friend along for her southern NH senior photos.  They helped ke …

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Did you know senior yearbook photos are due like… now?!

Exeter High School’s deadline is September 28! But that’s ok!  I have room for more NH Senior Yearbook Photos! I offer 2 options for senior photos! Option 1: Up to one hour of hanging out with me & my camera PLUS the high res image files …

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I’m old enough to have a high school graduate. NH High School Photos

NH High School Photos - Yearbook Photos - Exeter NH Photos

These NH High School Photos are extra special.  This is our kid. In the month of June, he started his dream job, turned 18, graduated high school and moved into his own space. He’s a wonder. A pain in the ass.  Hilarious, and he’s so kind. He …

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Yearbook Photos! Senior Pictures! Class of 2018

yearbook photos! senior pictures!

This is the year. The year it happens. The year my baby graduates from high school.  Most of these Yearbook Photos! Senior Pictures! are his friends.  Kids I’ve known for the better part of the last 6-12 years.  Kids I’ve known as 1 …

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Class of 2017: Seacoast NH Yearbook Seniors

Seacoast NH Yearbook Seniors

Even though I graduated in 1996 (ugh) and not 1997 this song is still what I think about when I think about graduating high school…  Mary Schmich, Nigel Swanston, and Tim Cox and Baz Luhrmann talking to all of us over the radio.  20 ye …

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Class of 2017: NH Yearbook Senior Photos

Graduation season is nearly upon us! These NH Yearbook Senior Photo kids are almost ready to sit and listen to their commencement speeches.  In the words of Steve Jobs (Stanford Commencement, 2005) When I was 17, I read a quote that went something …

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