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Hamilton House Senior Session

What’s better than one senior session? A double Hamilton House senior session!  Kassy’s mom was one of my brides a few years back.  Their Lake Opechee Wedding was so much fun, and I was tremendously honored when Niki wrote to say that Kassy has asked f …

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Tera: Class of 2016! Exeter NH Yearbook Photos

Tera and I had the most wonderful time for her Exeter NH yearbook photos.  Casual, relaxed, and FULL of giggles, Tera wanted a senior photo that truly represented who she was her senior year of high school – and I think we absolutely accomplished that! …

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Maddie: Class of 2016: Exeter NH Senior Yearbook Photos

Another day, another beauty!  I’ve known Maddie since she was…. 9? 10?  younger.  That’s for sure.  And I was so happy to be able to walk around town with her for her Exeter NH Senior Yearbook Photos.  Maddie is a genuinely lovely person. Confident a …

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BJ & Ethan: Exeter NH Senior Yearbook Photos

Now this is a story all about how… I’ve had the time of my life. Both of these sessions for Exeter NH Senior Yearbook Photos hold a special place in my memory. First was BJ – charismatic is the first word that comes to mind for him!  He also brought …

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Hannah & Mariel: NH Senior Yearbook Photos

The parents of these two lovely ladies contacted me about NH Senior Yearbook Photos for their wonderfully accomplished children.  I’ve photographed each of them as part of their family multiple times before and never quite put together that they would …

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Kailey’s Senior Photos – NH Yearbook Photography

The generalized colloquialism is “A Boy and His Dog” … well, Kailey is here to tell those boys to shove it.  This vibrant, beautiful senior is ready to take over the veterinary world, and it’s definitely attributed at least in part to her faithful fr …

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Family Photos with a Senior – Seacoast NH Photography

My lifestyle sessions are designed to capture anything you might like.  It doesn’t need to be limited to just a senior session or just a family session.  Having a new baby?  Family maternity sessions are wonderful!  Is it your …

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Mackenzie’s Senior Photos!

Most folks get senior photos done for submission to the yearbook at the beginning of their senior year.  Mackenzie’s mom wanted to get some of her just before graduation, at the end of her senior year!  We met up for a walk around her campus at Phillip …

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Class of 2014: NH Senior Photography

Did you know in most cases, you can choose your own photographer for senior pictures?  These kids get an A+ for originality and I’m so happy they picked me to capture their amazing personalities as they head into senior year.

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August 2013: Lifestyle Recap

  August was full of amazing shoots! I met up with Meghan & Leo and 6 month old Jack for their 3rd installment of baby’s first year.  He’s so full of personality – and those PANTS!  I can’t GET OVER THEM!! This picture of Meghan & Jack mel …

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