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Summertime Smiles! Portsmouth NH Mini Sessions

These summertime smiles were brought to you by Portsmouth NH Mini sessions at the Urban Forestry Center.  First up Miss Charlotte was fresh off the plane from her 1st birthday celebration in Disney! All decked out from ears to polka dots in her bl …

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Baby Girls! NH Cousin Family Session

A NH Cousin Family Session- What’s better than family? These two cousins will grow up knowing they’ve got a huge family that loves them! Did you know you can invite friends to your first-year collections?  Everly and I had a superb NH Newborn Session, …

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Celebrate Family! Great Island Common Family Photo Shoot

I love these Celebrate Family sessions!  And this Great Island Common Family Photo Shoot is no exception.  They’re also a family that’s been a part of my life, and my business, for over five years. It all started with this lovely couple on the left.  T …

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Celebrate Family! Ogunquit Maine Family Photos

Oh to be young, and not just young at heart.  Family sessions always give me a good workout and the resistance of the sand definitely adds to the calorie burn 🙂  That said, there are fewer things that exhibit pure bliss more than letting kid …

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Celebrate Family: York Beach Family Photos

They say you’re not supposed to pick favorites. You’re supposed to love all your children equally. And I do, but sometimes there are greater factors at play. Sometimes the sun is setting just right, the tide is in the perfect spot, the temperature is a …

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Celebrate Family: Great Island Common Family Photos

I of course love Great Island Common Family Photos in any capacity, but one of the coolest things happened over and over again this summer. Generations of love. Families taking the time to celebrate being a family with family photos.  Taking the t …

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Family! Prescott Park Photo Shoot

Talk about a flashback!  Ethan & Emily were some of the first kiddos I photographed when I first started this “hey this is interesting” thing that has now become my full time job.  If you’d like to take a look at my meager beginnings – then check o …

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Alton Bay Family Photos

Advice from a Lake Be clear Make positive ripples Look beneath the surface Stay calm Shore up friendships Take time to reflect Be full of life! This has definitely been the year of family!  I’m so grateful to bare witness to multiple generations, getti …

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My Family! Brentwood NH Family Photography

melissa koren photography

Today’s post is pretty personal. It’s my family.  Finally.  And the moral of the story is the time for photos is now. For at least a year now, every time I do a family shoot with all the cousins, for or with the grandparents, I think about ho …

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All in the family! Hampton, NH Family Photography

“If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.” – George Bernard Shaw Not to imply that this family has any skeletons, but while looking for a poignant quote, I came across that and laughed so hard I nearly cried.  I …

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