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Sasha & Bill: Married! June 2012 | Essex Conference Center, Essex MA

Sasha & Billy are two of the most adorable people on the planet.  They’re so completely in love with each other and genuinely care about everyone else around them.  It’s wonderful to witness.  Throw in a wedding with more personality than I’ve seen …

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Liz & Joe: June 2012 | Bournedale Function Facility Plymouth, MA Wedding Photography

  Liz & Joe are wonderful people.  At ease with each other and just laid back and ready to be in the moment.  After their Odiorne Point Engagement Photos I was completely ready to celebrate their wedding at the Bournedale Functi …

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Lindsey & Megan: Engaged! | Ogunquit ME Sunrise Engagement Shoot

It’s amazing how fast spring can sproing. (yes, sproing).  Just a few short weeks after Sam & Josh’s fantastic winter wonderland engagement shoot in the snow, I found myself checking another experience off my photographer’s bucket list. The sunrise …

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Lawrence-Taylor Family 10.20.11 | Odiorne Point Rye Beach Photography

Do you remember Nathalie & Danielle’s Rye, NH Elopement?  What a day that was!  Their private evening on the beach was the perfect way to celelbrate their union. A union that blended a family of great kids too! The perfect way to tie …

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Plante Family Photos! 07.25.11 | Hampton, NH Family Photos

Lindsay and her sweet family live in Texas.  I was super excited when she contacted me to tell me they would be up visiting and wanted ME to take some photos for them. We met up at Hampton State Park – one of my favorite beach locations on our tiny NH …

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Nathalie & Danielle: Eloped! 06.07.11 | Portsmouth, NH Elopement Photographer

On or about the first of June, I’m driving home and get a call from Danielle asking if I’d be available to shoot their elopement – on Tuesday.  Um, YES! I was so excited to meet these two and shoot my first elopement.  What I didn’t realize is that it …

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LeBlanc Family 04.29.11 | Hampton, NH Children's Photography

These kids hold a very special place in my heart.  Even if Ethan decides by the end of every shoot that he hates ‘that lady’.  Caleb is a ham, straight up.  I remember the first time I photographed him for his 2nd birthday and he didn’t really think ca …

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Angie & Russ engaged! 04.08.11 | Salisbury, MA Engagement Portraits

I got this great email from Angie in January…  “I actually stumbled upon your facebook page pretty much accidently via my friends Chris & Sara. I checked out your photos and fell in love with them!”  Things that make it a great email? 1)people “a …

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Nicole & Shawn: Engaged! 10.25.10 | York, ME Engagement Photographer

A blog! A blog! .. I was on such a roll too.  I’ve been busy booking Spring Fling Sale portraits (Sale ends soon book yours now!) and celebrating birthdays and milestones.  Now, back on the wagon 🙂 On a late fall day on York Beach I found out a few th …

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Lockner Family 10.02.10 | Hampton, NH Family Photographer

There are only a few ways to say it – I love my job.  For the 3rd year in a row I got to meet up with this awesome family and have some fun. The boys are getting so big! Still Hugging <3 Deep in thought. They really are such a great family. So in lo …

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