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Celebrate Family: York Beach Family Photos

They say you’re not supposed to pick favorites. You’re supposed to love all your children equally. And I do, but sometimes there are greater factors at play. Sometimes the sun is setting just right, the tide is in the perfect spot, the temperature is a …

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Chey & Scott: A York Maine Lobster in the Rough Wedding

Facebook has it’s crazy moments, but it’s full of awesome too.  Especially when I get emails like this:  “I hope you are enjoying the spring so far!  We have met in person a few times but are also facebook friends.  I am getting married on September 20 …

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Dave & Art: A Nahant Beach Wedding

Same Sex Male LGTB Nahant MA Wedding

I don’t know how many more ways I can tell you how awesome Dave & Art are.  I raved about them after their Nahant Sunset Engagement Session which left me beyond excited for their wedding day. I arrived at their house as they were getting …

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Maddie is 3! Hampton Beach New Hampshire Family Photos

I often find myself waxing poetic about how fast time flies on here – and Maddie is no exception.  It seems like just yesterday I was snuggling her and taking her newborn pictures – and now?  She’s an incredible little person!  She’s sweet and sassy an …

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Monica & Brad: Waiting for Baby! – Hampton Beach Winter Maternity Photos

I love maternity photos.  A little trepidation, a lot of excitement, and endless love.  Monica & Brad were all of those things and more.  With a beautiful nursery prepared and baby’s coming home outfit laid out on the chair we laughed and chatted t …

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Hilary & Branden: A Union Bluff Meeting House Wedding – York Beach, ME

Hilary & Branden are amazing.  Not just a little amazing – a lot amazing. They have the kind of love that makes you a little jealous, not matter how awesome your relationship is.  It’s just so perfect, as was every, single moment of their wedding d …

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August 2013: Lifestyle Recap

  August was full of amazing shoots! I met up with Meghan & Leo and 6 month old Jack for their 3rd installment of baby’s first year.  He’s so full of personality – and those PANTS!  I can’t GET OVER THEM!! This picture of Meghan & Jack mel …

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July 2013: Lifestyle Recap

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, Everything that’s wonderful is sure to come your way When you’re in love to stay. July was full of sunshine, a rainbow of colors, and some lollipop bribes to be sure! The overwhelming theme of the month was families! M …

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flashback: Early 2013 – Lifestyle photography

Winter seems to drag on sometimes, but when I look at the evolution of it over the course of just a few months I’m always amazed! January – March are a little slower, holidays are over, weather is colder, and every one is just taking one huge collectiv …

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flashback: December 2012 – Lifestyle photography

This series of flashback posts is a quick, down and dirty overview of my favorite shots from the past months. 1 engagement session, 3 kiddo sessions, 1 first birthday cake smash, and two great family shoots!

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