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Class of 2017: Seacoast NH Yearbook Seniors

Seacoast NH Yearbook Seniors

Even though I graduated in 1996 (ugh) and not 1997 this song is still what I think about when I think about graduating high school…  Mary Schmich, Nigel Swanston, and Tim Cox and Baz Luhrmann talking to all of us over the radio.  20 ye …

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And baby makes 5! Concord NH Watch Me Grow Family Photos

Concord NH Watch Me Grow Family Photos

My first ever maternity session was for my beautiful cousin in 2007.  The results are sort of laughable but still filled with love and a passion for finding beauty. 8 and half years later, and pregnant with her third baby boy, we set out on her final m …

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Celebrate Family! Great Island Common Family Photo Shoot

I love these Celebrate Family sessions!  And this Great Island Common Family Photo Shoot is no exception.  They’re also a family that’s been a part of my life, and my business, for over five years. It all started with this lovely couple on the left.  T …

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Celebrate Family: Great Island Common Family Photos

I of course love Great Island Common Family Photos in any capacity, but one of the coolest things happened over and over again this summer. Generations of love. Families taking the time to celebrate being a family with family photos.  Taking the t …

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Finn & Family! Great Island Common Maternity Session

Gray skies are gonna clear up, Put on a happy face; Brush off the clouds and cheer up, Put on a happy face. Take off the gloomy mask of tragedy, It’s not your style; You’ll look so good that you’ll be glad Ya’ decide to smile! I’m glad the grey skies d …

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Tabby & Teddy Married! Great Island Common Intimate Wedding

In a recent conversation with my grandmother, she mused that if you look at my social media profile (ie instagram) it “looks like I live at the nightclubs”.  A self professed ‘teetotaler’ she was a little perplexed at why I seem to spend so much time a …

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Liz & BK: Married! 08.12.11 | Portsmouth Harbor Events Wedding Photographer

Have I mentioned recently how much I love my job?  If not, I’ve been remiss.  I get to meet the most amazingly wonderful, kind hearted, hilarious people.  Sometimes, I get to photograph weddings for amazingly wonderful, kind hearted, hilarious people I …

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Sarah & Rich: Engaged! – 05.14.11 | Portsmouth, NH Engagement Photography

If you look up smitten in the dictionary, you’ll find Sarah & Rich. These two are absolutely and completely enamored with each other and I was honored to spend a little time with them witnessing such fantabulousness. We met up at Great Island Commo …

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