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How to celebrate a birthday

Part 1: Let them eat cake.Cake? Cake you say?I like cake -and being nearly 2 I can feed myself with a fork. Small bites are for babies.You know what else is for babies? Forks. I don’t need no stinkin’ fork, it’s just not working fast enough.Aha! See, I …

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MVG Animal Barn!

Part of our morning adventure when we went to the Mountain View Grand was to go down to the barn, on suggestion from our waitress at breakfast (oh, the breakfast! I still have dreams about that buffet!!)It didn’t occur to us to drive down, since we cou …

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Life's a Beach.

Last weekend we decided to take the cameras on a little outing.  Unfortunately, the weather decided to get cold, and fast.  So we only shot a few chilly photos and then packed it in.  Nichole had a great time with our new 18-200 lens. Theses icicles ar …

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Matthew Turns 2!

2 years ago I was just starting to dive into photography as more than a hobby.  My friends asked me to take some photos of their new baby, Matthew.  He was only about 2 weeks old here. And now, he’s TWO! I can’t beleive it’s been 2 years – we’ve all ha …

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Isabel turns 3! 01.17.09

Isabel is the daugther of our new friends Stephanie & Jeff.  She is a firey red head who just happened to turn 3 last week.  She has the best birthday shirt ever- and who says redheads can’t wear pink!  I love that the “Little Miss (and Mister)” bo …

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Christmas 2008

Christmas!! Our Christmas consists of Christmas Eve at my parents, then back here for a few hours of sleep, then we have Christmas Morning with Benjamin at our house and head back to my mothers and wind up at my Grandmothers house. Nichole acting as th …

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Thanksgiving 11.27.08

This year Thanksgiving (as most things are) was at my parents house. The table was set so festively!My dad has started to acquire quite the collection of guitars!My cousins baby – she’s got intense eyes!Mum & Nichole.Killian rocking out and marchin …

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Reed & Family 09.21.08

Last September, I took some maternity portraits for my cousin Catrina.  Almost a year later, we revisited the scene of the ‘crime’ to take some “my first halloween” pictures with her son, Reed!I am partially bias, I admit, but I swear, he is the most b …

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Taylor & Keith's Wedding Shower 09.14.08

It’s a very strange thing to see my baby brother prepare to be married.  But he met his match and they are in it for the long haul.  To start off the celebrating we had a shower for them at my mothers house.  Cake, babies, presents & family.  You c …

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Benjamin's First Day of School

Yesterday my boy started 3rd grade -“Third Grade; Just Do It”I can’t figure out how time passes so quickly – it feels like just yesterday was his first day of kindergarten: But at the same time, he’s only 8 – life is so oddly juxtaposed sometimes.And t …

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